Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain.


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980mm x 690mm (think of a large O.S. map).

Printed on both sides in full colour.                    Paper & folded to 245 x 115mm.

Recommended Retail Price: £9.95                    ISBN. 978-0-9550614-3-1.

Reprinted with minor updates March 2014                                                .



This is a high quality map of mainland Britain that shows the huge extent of canoeing possibilities on rivers, lakes, canals and coast.  It is colour coded to clearly show the nature of these waterways.  Southern England and Wales appears on one side of the B1 sheet – Scotland and the North of England appears on the reverse. 

The base map is very detailed and shows roads, towns, villages, rivers, streams, lakes and canals with this detail in pastel colours. Over this is superimposed the canoeing information in bright colours so that this stands out – 

§         Tidal rivers and different Grades of river – Flat, classes: 1, 2, 3, 4.

§         Navigations (e.g. canals) used by motorized craft.

§         Especially popular canoeing trips are highlighted in yellow,

§         Selected coastal paddles are marked, as are artificial white water courses.  

This map projects the ‘Big Picture’ and is very much a product that inspires, excites and gets people planning and dreaming of their next canoe trip. 

 Some paddlers will buy this map for the office wall whilst for the newcomer to the sport it answers the question “where can I go paddling next?  Information panels give helpful information on access, recommended websites and guidebooks – designed to ‘open the doors’ to the world of canoeing and kayaking.     

A laminated flat version of the map is available from the publishers.


“Very attractive!”

Mark Rainsley, 30.5.12.   Editor, Ukriversguidebook website.

 “Useful and Inspiring –

Perfect for the car glove box and great for trip planning.”

Ian Tokelove,  Editor,   31.5.12.

  “Long overdue and inspiring!  -

Every clubhouse should have a copy on the wall – it is a super resource.”

 David Savage (Eastern Region Waterways Advisor,) 2 Jun 2012

 “This is inspirational!  –

I’ve paddled some of these rivers over the last 40 years and can vouch for the accuracy.”

Mr. C W Oliver, Edinburgh, 2 Jun 2012

  “Great map! – Very well-researched and clearly presented.
This is a gift any canoeist would be delighted to receive.  Get the map – go exploring!”

John Watson, Devon5 Jun 2012

Amazon Reviews

62 reviews as at August 2017. 46 reviewers gave the map Five stars.

Here is a selection of recent comments -

Fab map.

Loads of helpful information about different paddle places. Used often and looking forward to our next adventure.

By Sarah Foxon on 27 July 2017


5 stars

Currently on my wall, it is ideal for a quick reference guide to give all levels of paddlers ideas.

By Jonathon Norfieldon on 7 April 2017


Excellent map

with loads of info. Great for the price

By Mrs J Martinon on 12 January 2017


Five Stars

Very detailed – informative

By SIMEON GREKAS on 3 October 2016


Five Stars

Just what I needed and at a great price too

By Amazon Customer on 8 September 2016


The only one like it

Full of information.

By Lazypup on 31 December 2015


Highly recommend

This is fantastically useful.

By Ms. Louise Knighton on 18 October 2015


|Kayakers Friend

Bought for friends who are kayaking beginners. They are delighted at the content of this map and inspired to try different kayaking possibilities. A comprehensive and well researched map

By Melaine on 7 October 2015



I take this everywhere. It’s falling apart now I use it so much.

By Mr. Sj Neale on 9 February 2015


|Excellent reference map

Every paddler should have one stuck up on a wall somewhere.

By J.Goodall on 13 January 2015


|Excellent map

Lovely clear map with good detail, will be perfect for exploring with the kayak. You can see instantly the grading of difficulty with a colour code so it’s easy to find suitable places to try.

By Mandy on 1 September 2014