This is a new and unique Sailing Map which follows on from the concept and success of our other best selling maps.  It is available in book shops, yacht chandlers and on the internet.

Note that a laminated flat map is available for wall mounting – We are happy to supply complementary copies to Yacht Clubs and similar bodies – please email us.


980mm x 690mm                                                                            Folded to 245 x 115mm.

Scale:  1:350,000  (approx. 6 miles to an inch)                               R.r.p.  £9.95          .

ISBN: 978-0-9550614-6-2                                                                Publication: June 2013.

Author – Mike McDonald.                                                                 Cartography – Bute Cartographics.    .



This high quality topographical map is specially designed to show the ‘Big Picture’ for the yachtsman planning to cruise in the West of Scotland.  It provides a unique combination of the best information shown on a conventional road map with selected nautical details.  The map covers the sailing area from the Clyde to Ullapool and the Outer Hebrides as far north as Stornaway.

The topographical base map is a quite detailed, then over this is superimposed the sailing information – highlighted in bright colours to stand out – Marinas, pontoons, visitor moorings, selected anchorages, diesel supplies, areas with especially strong tidal streams, and a few selected pubs.

The format of the map is designed to be convenient and user friendly with the information shown as simply and clearly as possible.  Most place names are in 8 or 10pt type face for easy reading.  There are guidance notes and links to further information sources. 

This is a unique map that should be really useful, especially at the planning stages of a voyage.  It is not intended for navigation but rather complements and helps put into perspective the vast amount of detailed navigation information that is available from other sources.

The author, Mike McDonald, has been a Yachtmaster Instructor who has lived in and sailed the West Coast of Scotland for many years and in many different boats. 

Thank you for your interest and we welcome your suggestions and feedback for the second edition.  

Peter Knowles, Editor.  

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Some Amazon Reviews 

As at August 2017 there were 15 reviews – 12 reviewers giving the map Five stars.


Plain sailing

Excellent for anyone touring/cruising the Hebrides.

By Brian Mason on 17 August 2017


Great planning map

Good paper, anchorages and marinas marked. Good for planning, just don’t get thinking you’re going to navigate from this!

By N. A. Bowling on 11 March 2016


Fantastic addition to our pilots and other navigation aids.

Used it for planning and while at sea.

By Jeff on 19 July 2015


Great map. Brilliant for route planning.

I bought this map primarily to help plan routes. After mounting it on the wall my ‘trip dreaming’ time has increased significantly. This is a great resource with clearly marked moorings, marinas, anchorages and other amenities along with loads of scope for inventing interesting routes. Highly recommended. Be prepared to be inspired by the sailing route possibilities.

By Stuart A Holmes  on 3 February 2014  



An excellent overview of maritime Scotland.

This is an excellent map for sailors, or those following a yacht cruising the Scottish west coast, as it gives a clear overview of the area and facilities available. It has become one of our most used charts on board although of course not for actual navigation. It is well priced, a convenient size and easy to use.

By Maestro7 on 26 May 2014


I love this map!

 It gives a really good overview of the sailing area. It isn’t a chart and shouldn’t be used for navigation – but for passage planning, seeing where are the anchorages, marinas and pubs then it’s great.

By Dan K on 23 June 2013