Covers – Glasbury, Hay on Wye, Hereford and Hoarwithy.


• Sheet size 572 x 350mm.
• Folded size 95 X 175mm.
• Printed in full colour and double sided.
• Polyart waterproof paper.
• ISBN: 978-0-9957513-0-9
• Publication: April 2017
• Recommended Retail Price: £8.95

riverwye_map1 front cover March     riverwye canoe map1 back cover March

This strip map is for anyone wanting to explore the river Wye by canoe. Designed by canoeists for canoeists, it is very much a “hands on” map – waterproof and easy to use whilst paddling down the river – it even floats! It shows all the essential paddling information as clearly as possible at a large scale – 1:36,000.

Two maps cover all 161 km of the most popular canoeing stretch of the river from Glasbury to Chepstow. This is a “Strip map” – with 4 convenient sections on each map showing the river and the countryside on each side of the river. The base map uses O.S. geodata which has been edited and enhanced to show essential information as clearly as possible. The map shows roads, towns, villages, footpaths, rivers, streams, lakes, churches, farms, houses, woods and hills. Physical relief is shown with a contour interval of 10m.

Canoeing information is highlighted with colour boxes and symbols to show recommended launch sites, rapids, campsites, pubs, cafes and canoe hire bases.
There are brief guidance notes on paddling the river Wye and essential information for key rapids like Symonds Yat. There are also up to date notes on other information sources – websites, books, etc.
It should be invaluable for anyone planning a single or multi-day trip.

Here’s a snapshot of a corner of the map -


Map 1 snapshot

REVIEWS – for both maps.

“Just the job.

Densely packed with lots of useful information.”

By Frazer Pearce, Amazon review on 23 June 2017


“A small waterproof map packed with helpful tips for planning a great trip.

Does what it says on the tin! A small waterproof map packed with helpful tips for planning a great trip.”

By JPLon,  Amazon review on 11 July 2017


“Very much recommended”

These two maps have pretty much all the basic information you require to paddle the Wye. They’re also waterproof and seem tear resistant, so should last for many voyages on this lovely river

They are very easy to use on the river, and the small size makes them very convenient. The way the sections has been split also works very logically, the obvious “runs” from the popular put-ins to get-outs, being on one visual section of the map so no need to switch sides often.

Here I will admit i was wondering if the paper was up to the job. It is. As is typical for me, I simply chucked the map down in the boat when paddling, or slid it, folded to the right page, between bag and thwarts in front of me so I could see it, hence it got plenty of abuse and was splashed regularly. It handled this well, and apart from the odd crease and a drop of red wine on it, you wouldn’t know it had been used.”

Mal Grey S.O.P. August 2017


“The maps worked a treat

I am just back from paddling Glasbury to Monmouth and I can report that they are very hard wearing, good information and easy to tuck into a pocket on your buoyancy aid.”

Robin S.O.P. August 2017


“I was impressed with them.

I’ve no clue about what is where on the Wye, not being from round there, so I spent a fair bit of time checking out where we were and I found them to be really helpful and informative.

The size works well in the boat and the sections are perfect for a single view of the trip. The distances are easily derived from the marked sections of distance overall and they are really clear when glancing from the boat.”

Mark L.  S.O.P. August 2017